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Since 1884, Breitling has been producing technical watches of the highest quality — so high that they’ve been a cult item of sorts of aviation enthusiasts for more than 60 years.  One of the last remaining independent Swiss watch brands, Breitling is the only major watch company that equips all its watches with chronometer-certified movements, guaranteeing the highest precision.

Breitling watches range from COSC Certified Automatic Chronometer movements to their unparalleled SuperQuartz timepieces. They provide a wide variety of Mens and Ladies watches in a wide range of sizes to choose from There is a Breitling available for all tastes. Breitling offers watches available in gold, steel, titanium, with and without diamonds, optional diamond dials, blacksteel, GMT, auto chrono, and a variety of straps (leather, crocodile, rubber, stainless steel, etc.)

Breitling watches are designed to be useful in extreme situations like diving, aviation, racing and beyond.  But thanks to their stylish, polished cases and in-fashion, oversized watch faces,  you don’t have to be a pilot, a deep sea diver, or a high-speed driver to look good wearing a Breitling watch.  With a Breitling watch, you’re not only getting a timepiece — you’re getting a conversation piece that makes an excellent gift for yourself or a loved one for a special birthday, a college graduation, landing that perfect job or promotion, or making it to a landmark anniversary.

At The Gold Rush Exchange, we’ve got the perfect Breitling watch to suit your style and needs.  Our expert and professional staff will be happy to tell you more about what makes Breitling watches unique and to help you pick out the right timepiece for you or a loved one.


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