photo5If you were a pirate you’d have plenty of gold doubloons or pieces of eight lying around in big treasure chests. Sadly, most people aren’t. But there is treasure to be had in gold coins and The Gold Rush Exchange is the place to go to sell them. Whether you have American Eagles, Buffaloes or Liberties we’ll give you a fair price based on market value. We also buy international coins so dig out those Canadian Maple Leafs, Dutch Guilders, Chinese Pandas or Austrian Philharmonics and bring them in as well!

We’ll also buy your silver coins. If you have 1964 or older dimes, quarters, half-dollars or dollars The Gold Rush Exchange has a fair price for you. Do you have some coins that you’re curious about? We’d be happy to look them over and tell you just what they’re worth. Unfortunately age doesn’t always influence value but if you find yourself wondering if you really do have a 1933 Gold Double Eagle our professionals at The Gold Rush Exchange will happily take a peek. But you probably DON’T have a Double Eagle. The last one sold a few years ago for $7.5 million dollars. Oh and it’s illegal to have one.  But wouldn’t it be nice?


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