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Loose Diamonds and Diamond Jewelry in Kansas City


We’ve all heard the sayings “Diamonds are a girl’s best friend” and “A diamond is forever” and at the Gold Rush Exchange we would heartily agree with those statements but because of creative marketing slogans like those from national jewelry chains, the cost of quality diamonds and diamond jewelry may seem out of reach for most people. That simply is not the case at the Gold Rush Exchange jewelry stores in Kansas City because we are wholesale jewelers that sell to the public and affordable loose/replacement diamonds and diamond jewelry is one our specialties.

So what exactly are diamonds and what makes them valuable?

“Diamond is the most concentrated form of pure carbon in the natural world and the strongest mineral on Earth, far exceeding other carbon allotropes such as graphite and fullerite. The secret to diamond’s superior strength is found on the molecular level. Carbon atoms possess four valence electrons available for bonding. In diamond crystals, each of those four free electrons forms a covalent bond with a valence electron of a neighboring carbon atom. Since all of the free electrons are bonded uniformly, it creates a rigid tetrahedral lattice that gives the coveted mineral its prized properties.” via Discovery

jewelry-repair-jeweler-Kansas-City-Independence-Blue-SpringsTo put it into more simple terms, a diamond takes quite a bit of special circumstances in order to be created and can be broken down to four main ingredients: carbon, pressure, heat and While diamonds are by far not the rarest material on the planet, they certainly are a marvelous symbol of strength and beauty which is why they are arguably the most popular way to show love, devotion and, of course, marriage (i.e. engagement rings). Oddly enough, when diamonds are mined, they are not the brilliant, sparkling stones we see in jewelry pieces but instead must be cut and polished with absolute precision to ultimately bring them to life and sparkle. In the Kansas City area, the Gold Rush Exchange has been helping our customers understand and buy loose diamonds, replacement diamonds and diamond jewelry like no other jewelry store because we hand-pick each and every diamond and diamond jewelry piece we sell for both quality and affordably. That means that when you buy diamonds and diamond jewelry from the Gold Rush Exchange jewelry stores, you get more diamond for your money every time. No matter what color, cut, clarity or carat weight of diamond you want in the Kansas City area, the Gold Rush Exchange jewelry stores will make your diamond buying experience simple, affordable and most of all hassle free. Stop by any of the Kansas City metro area Gold Rush Exchange jewelry stores for any and all of your jewelry buying, selling and trading needs. 

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