Gold has been a part of human culture for thousands of years.  Gold value is prevalent in cultures all over the world. We can find gold used in coins or as decoration or jewelry as far back as Egypt in 3000 BC. And now gold value is the currency standard for much of the world and it’s value changes constantly. But the main gold value is in it’s beauty and is the first choice for jewelry from the crown jewels down to your grandmother’s simple wedding band.

Gold-Diamond-RingsGold is naturally yellow gold but in its purest form is too soft for use in jewelry so it’s mixed with other metals which can also affects its color. Copper adds a pinkish or rose tone, white gold is mixed with either nickel or palladium and you can even make gold turn green, purple or brown. It never tarnishes or rusts and its beauty is everlasting. The Gold Rush Exchange has the gold jewelry that will please the most discriminating buyer and you’ll be impressed by our continually changing collections.

The Gold Rush Exchange will also buy your old or unwanted gold! We offer a continually updated market price so you’ll get the right gold value at the right time. We compete with the market on giving you the best gold value available. We also pride ourselves on customer satisfaction. This will ensure that we can offer the best customer service and gold value if you are looking to sell your gold. Stop by any of our Kansas City locations anytime and we’ll be happy to help with any of  your jewelry buying or selling needs.


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