Jewelry Repair and Cash For Gold

At the Gold Rush Exchange, we understand that jewelry can often represent some of the most special memories in your life and when that jewelry-repair-in-Kansas-City-Independencejewelry becomes broken or is need of repair and adjustment, you can trust us for quality, custom jewelry repair in the Kansas City area. We know that your rings and jewelry can represent the biggest moments or remind you of special people in your life which is why each and every jewelry repair at the Gold Rush Exchange is handled with precision, care and quality.

Cash For Gold and Jewelry Repair in Kansas City

jewelry-repair-jeweler-Kansas-City-Independence-Blue-SpringsWhether it is watch repairs or battery replacement to soldering and repairing broken chains/necklaces or rings, our customers have come to trust the Gold Rush Exchange as the most knowledgeable, professional jewelry repair and jewelry store in the Kansas City area. Plus, because we are a full service jewelry store, the Gold Rush Exchange can help you replace any missing, damaged or lost stones or diamonds from your favorite jewelry pieces. At all 5 Kansas City area Gold Rush Exchange locations we understand that your jewelry holds special memories for you and we will always do everything we can make it just like new again. Unfortunately some damage and repairs are just not feasible and we will be honest and upfront with you when that is the case. However, if for whatever reason we are unable to repair and restore your jewelry, the Gold Rush Exchange will always pay top dollar for your gold, silver, platinum and diamond jewelry. At all 5 Gold Rush Exchange locations we strive to be your go-to jeweler in the Kansas City area for not only your jewelry repairs and selling your jewelry, but also for creating new memories and purchasing jewelry for engagements, weddings, anniversaries or anything and anyone that you cherish in your life. Stop by one of our jewelry stores in Blue Springs, Waldo, Independence, South Independence, or South Kansas City and experience the difference having a local jeweler can make.

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