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Buying and selling jewelry can be a tricky venture in the Kansas City area. With all of the recent news stories about national jewelry stores switching diamonds for stones of less value, you can always trust the Gold Rush Exchange for honest, fair and quality jewelry services everyday. Each of our 5 Kansas City area jewelry stores is always fully stocked with the highest quality rings, necklaces, bracelets, earrings and watches at exceptionally low prices that simply cannot be beat by any other jewelry store in the metro.

Jewelry Stores and Jewelry Repair In Kansas City, Independence and Blue Springs

There is no real secret to the Gold Rush Exchange offering the same quality diamond, gold, silver and platinum jewelry at discount prices other than price markup. While national and franchise jewelry stores tend to have extremely high overhead as well as a hefty marketing budget, these expenses get factored into the cost of the jewelry you purchase from them. Plus, if you need professional jewelry repair it can be hard to trust one of the big jewelry stores after hearing about what their employees have allegedly done with their customers diamonds and precious stones. At the Gold Rush Exchange, we continually strive to offer all of our jewelry services from buying jewelry, selling jewelry for cash and jewelry repairs with honest and integrity. Plus, our jewelers ultimately want to help you understand what we know about the jewelry to help you better understand the jewelry industry so that you can be a more informed consumer (whether you choose to do business with the Gold Rush Exchange or not.) Courtesy, honesty and professionalism when it comes to jewelry and our customers is the right thing to do and at all 5 of the Gold Rush Exchange locations we operate on these principles everyday. For the most cash for gold, silver, diamonds to buying jewelry and jewelry repairs in the Kansas City area stop by the Gold Rush Exchange with 5 metro locations in South Kansas City/Leawood, Waldo/Brookside, South Independence, Independence and Blue Springs.

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