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If you have ever wondered why mall jewelry stores’ prices differ greatly from that of local jewelers you are not alone. Each day at the 4 Kansas City area Gold Rush Exchange jewelry stores we meet customers that are shocked to find out that they paid way too much for outrageously overpriced jewelry. At the Gold Rush Exchange, we sell high quality rings, necklaces, bracelets, earring and watches just like the big chain jewelry stores but our prices are substantially less because of several factors that you may want to consider before buying jewelry at a mall or name brand jewelry store.

Jewelry Stores in Kansas City, Independence and Blue Springs


Celebrity/Designer Jewelry: Anytime you attach a celebrity name or designer to jewelry the cost immediately goes through the roof and let’s face it, celebrities are not cheap. Unless you are a huge fan of the celebrity or jewelry designer, the cost of the marketing campaign as well as the endorsement itself will be factored into the cost of your ring, necklace, bracelet, earrings, or any type of jewelry you buy and the cost can be astounding. The Gold Rush Exchange jewelry stores will sometimes have designer endorsed jewelry in stock but in reality we tend to stick to quality as opposed to marketing gimmicks and jewelry fads. Both classic and modern jewelry usually stands the test of time and style by having the very basic key elements that makes jewelry of value: gold, silver, diamonds and elegant design. That is exactly what you will find at our jewelry stores in our jewelry selection and because we are wholesale jewelers you can always expect to get more jewelry for your money at our stores.


Overhead and Marketing: If a jewelry store is located in a mall then you can expect to pay a lot more for their jewelry because, let’s face it, to lease a space there is going to be expensive. Not to mention that mall jewelry stores are typically the ones that you see on television or hear on the radio which are arguably the most expensive mediums to be seen or heard on. These extensive costs and lengths that jewelry stores go to in order to get you to buy their jewelry all get factored into the cost of the jewelry you buy from them. At the Gold Rush Exchange jewelry stores in Kansas City, we are locally owned and operated and will likely not be doing TV commercials anytime soon because we prefer to be the metro areas low cost jewelers. We keep our overhead low while keeping our jewelry stores comfortable for our customers and our jewelry prices at everyday low prices that you will never find in a mall or at one of the big name jewelry stores.

From buying or selling jewelry to jewelry cleaning and jewelry repair, the Gold Rush Exchange jewelry stores offer the same quality jewelry and jewelry services at a fraction of the cost. Stop by one of our 4 metro area jewelry stores in Blue Springs, Independence, Kansas City/Leawood and South Independence to experience the difference a local jeweler can make for all of your jewelry needs.

The Gold Rush Exchange Are Full Service Jewelry Stores in the Kansas City Area


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