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Most of our customers are not jewelry experts at the Gold Rush Exchange jewelry stores but after they leave we would like to think that they know a little bit because our jewelers take the time to teach them about our industry. At the Gold Rush Exchange, we believe that if we can help our customers better understand the jewelry they want to buy, sell or trade they will ultimately skip the big chain and shopping mall jewelry stores because they simply don’t make sense.

Local Jewelry Stores and Jewelry Repair in Kansas City

While most jewelry stores in Kansas City often don’t staff  trained and experienced jewelers and instead opt to hire pushy salesmen, the Gold gold-diamond-silver-jewelry-store-Kansas-City-Blue-Springs-IndependenceRush Exchange only employs certified and trained personnel that understand diamonds, gems, precious metals and ultimately the real value of jewelry and jewelry services. Our jewelers are all licensed and certified from GIA (Gemological Institute Of America) which is the global leader in jewelry education and it allows us to help our customers better with the knowledge and training that most jewelry stores simply do not have. Our jewelers at discount-jewelry-jeweler-jewelry-repair-Kansas-City-Independence-Blue Springsthe Gold Rush Exchange can help you buy, sell or trade diamond jewelry as well as loose diamonds or help you create a custom jewelry piece with a diamond that holds special memories for you. Our diamond and jewelry experts will help you understand the subtle (and sometimes obvious) differences in diamond cut, clarity, color and carat weight so that you ultimately have a much better understanding of what makes a diamond more valuable than others. Whether you are buying an engagement/wedding ring set or any type of jewelry, you local-jewelry-wholesale-jeweler-Kansas-City-jewelry-repairwill always get more jewelry for your money at the Gold Rush Exchange jewelry stores because we specialize in hand picking the best rings, necklaces, bracelets, pendants and watches to fill our display cases at all 4 of our jewelry stores in Kansas City. Plus, the Gold Rush Exchange can help keep your most prized jewelry pieces looking and fitting their best with the Kansas City area’s best jewelry cleaning services as well as precise and professional jewelry repair services that are second to none. While most jewelry stores outsource jewelry repair work in the Kansas City area, the Gold Rush Exchange does all of our jewelry repair and restoration service in-house by our master bench jewelers on staff so you know your jewelry is safe and in professional hands. Whether you want to sell your gold or silver for cash or you need the perfect jewelry gift for someone special (or for yourself), there’s no better jewelry stores in the Kansas City area for quality, affordability and the best customer service in the jewelry business than the Gold Rush Exchange. Stop by our 4 metro area Gold Rush Exchange jewelry stores in Independence, Blue Springs, Kansas City/Leawood or South Independence for any and all of your jewelry buying, selling and jewelry repair needs.

The Gold Rush Exchange Are Full Service Jewelry Stores in Kansas City


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