Ring Sizing

Ring Sizing in Kansas City


Maybe your fiance took a guess and just missed the mark on your ring size.  Maybe you’ve inherited a ring that doesn’t quite fit.  Maybe you’ve gained or lost some weight over the years.  Maybe you bought something online and misjudged the size.  Whatever the reason, don’t let your fingers go bare just because your favorite rings don’t fit.

We here at The Gold Rush Exchange offer quick and affordable ring sizing on location in each of our stores.  Because your ring never leaves our sight, you can rest assured it’s safe and in the good hands of our professional and expert staff.  We understand how much you care about your jewelry, and we’ll be sure to treat it as if it were our own.  If you’ve got a ring you love but are unable to wear, bring it into one of our Kansas City Metro locations, and let us get it back where it belongs — on your finger!

Ring Sizing Pricing

Up Size: 1 size=$45, 2 sizes=$85, 3 or more sizes=$115 (max)

Down Size: $45


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