Sell Your Broken or Unwanted Jewelry For Cash

cash-for-gold-Kansas-City-Independence-Blue-SpringsAt the Gold Rush Exchange, we know just about everything there is to know about jewelry and jewelry repair and most of the time, our master jeweler can fix just about any piece of jewelry you bring into our stores. However there are some instances where broken jewelry simply cannot be repaired and when that is the case, the Gold Rush Exchange 5 Kansas City area locations will pay you cash for your unwanted or broken gold, silver and diamond jewelry.

Sell Gold and Silver Jewelry For Cash in Kansas City


From gold and silver necklaces to diamond rings and earrings, the Gold Rush Exchange will always pay you top dollar for your unwanted and broken jewelry and our jewelry stores do it without a hassle. While some gold and silver buyers in the Kansas City area make you jump through hoops to get cash for your gold, silver, diamond and platinum jewelry, the Gold Rush Exchange stores make it easy and simple to get cash today for your jewelry. Plus, the Gold Rush Exchange will also buy your unwanted coins for cash in the Kansas City area as well. From gold and silver coins to rare currency and sometimes non-rare coins as well, the coin and jewelry buyers at the Gold Rush Exchange 5 metro locations make it easy to part with your coins and/or jewelry and put cash in your hand the same day. At the Gold Rush Exchange, we understand that not everyone is a jewelry or coin expert which is why we are always happy to test your coins and jewelry to see if they are indeed gold, silver, diamond and of any cash value at all. With gold and silver values continually rising, now is the time to sell your unwanted or broken gold and silver jewelry for cash at any of the 5 Kansas City area Gold Rush Exchange locations.


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