photo8Silver may be the most visible precious metal. Used not only for fine jewelry it’s found in utensils and tableware, picture frames, baby gifts and electrical contacts!  Silver mixed with a small amount of copper is what gives us sterling silver, the most common silver used in fine jewelry. It has a lovely sheen and elegance and can be worn day or night. It’s affordable in many forms whether you’re looking for a simple pair of hoops, a bracelet for your favorite guy or the fine chain that holds a locket. The Gold Rush Exchange carries a fine selection of silver jewelry for both men and women that will please even the choosiest buyer.

Gold Rush Exchange also offers a fair price for any old or unwanted silver you may have to sell. Our silver buyers are exceedingly knowledgeable and use a continuously updated pricing guide so you can rest assured that you will receive the best price in the Kansas City Metro Area. So find those silver Dynasty earrings you bought in the 80s but wouldn’t be caught dead in now and let us keep your secret just between us!


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