Watch Repair

Watch Repair You Can Trust In Kansas City


Time stops for no one, but it can feel that way when a favorite watch or family heirloom pocket-watch stops working.  Whether it’s as complicated as an issue with the internal clockwork or as simple as replacing scratched watch faces, our experts at The Gold Rush Exchange have the knowledge and experience to get your timepieces ticking again.

Our professional staff here at The Gold Rush Exchange can help restore your favorite timepieces, both old and new, to working order quickly and with great results — and you won’t have to spend an arm and a leg to do it.  We want you to have appendages left to display those precious timepieces after all!  We offer fast service and some of the best prices in the Kansas City area.  If your watch or timepiece needs a little TLC, bring it into one our 4 Kansas City area locations and let us help get it back up and running like new!

Watch Repair Pricing

Battery Replacement: $15

Watch Link Removal/Sizing: $10/$5 for Each Additional Link

Watch Cleaning/Polish/Ultrasonic: $25


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