breitling-chronomat-windrider-watchesYour watch is an expression of your style and attitude. Let all the others use their cell phones as oversized clocks, you choose to casually turn your wrist and flash that watch. All locations have a huge selection of rugged and elegant watches for both men and women that are also very affordable. We offer the best prices on Charles Hubert, Omega, Croton, Invicta, Breitling watches and other names that will complement your wardrobe whether you’re on the go or out to dinner. And if luxury is on your mind we also carry Rolex watches and Chisel titanium watches that will surely make a statement.

And if that old Rolex watch in your dresser just isn’t making you happy bring it in and we’ll offer you a fair price or trade-in so you can choose the replacement timepiece that pleases you more. The Gold Rush Exchange is the one place for all of your buying, selling and trade-in watch needs. Our professional staff is pleased to assist you in making the right watch choice that will put time on your side!


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