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When it comes to the ultimate wristwatch, most people would think of Rolex and they are absolutely right. The quality and craftsmanship of the Rolex timepiece has been the staple for what watchmakers strive for in design, functionality and, often times, fashion and we at the Gold Rush Exchange would have to agree wholeheartedly that they are indeed the best. Rolex watches began in 1905 and were the vision of 24 year old Hans Wilsdorf who began putting together his idea for the ultimate watch in London, England. At the time, wristwatches were not so common and in fact they were more of an oddity as no timepiece maker had yet to deliver a watch that would keep accurate, precise time and could feasibly be worn on the wrist. Hans Wilsdorf created the Rolex watch because, as he saw it, there were no wristwatches in 1905 that were both elegant and accurate in terms of timekeeping and movement. To achieve the degree of time precision he envisioned he commissioned a Swiss company to manufacturer extremely precise movements for reliability, quality and accuracy. In addition to reliability and precision, Rolex watches were the first truly waterproof watches in the world which was an attractive feature for adventurers, thrill seekers and the common person around the world. Today, Rolex is easily the most prestigious and sought after watch and has consistently been for over 100 years. In the Kansas City area, no one knows Rolex watches like the Gold Rush Exchange because we have buying and selling them for years. Whether you want to buy a Rolex watch for yourself, as a gift or you would like to sell you Rolex or cash the 5 metro area Gold Rush Exchange locations can help you do either. With our knowledgeable, friendly staff our jewelry stores can help you buy and sell Rolex watches in the Kansas City area. Stop the Gold Rush Exchange in South Kansas City/Leawood, Blue Springs, Waldo/Brookside, South Independence and Independence for all of your jewelry needs including Rolex watches.

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