We Buy

We are a Kansas City based jeweler with experience in buying gold, silver, platinum and diamonds. We pride ourselves in our customer service and fair prices for gold, silver, platinum and diamonds. If you want a genuine place to get cash for your jewelry come visit one of our multiple locations in the Kansas City area.

coin-gold-cash-jewelryWe all have stuff lying around our house that we either don’t use or don’t need. But gold, silver, diamonds or other jewelry can be sold at Gold Rush Exchange! Too bad we can’t do that with our old patio furniture! Gold Rush Exchange will give you the best price in the Mid-West for your old or unwanted pieces. We use a pricing system that is continuously updated so you’ll get the absolute current price for your gold, silver or platinum. And we’ll gladly separate the various components of your jewelry if, for instance, you’d like to keep the diamonds from your grandma’s earrings to remember her by.  We also make custom jewelry so don’t forget to ask how we can use those diamonds in a new and beautiful way!

We have multiple locations around the Kansas City Metro area so it’s always convenient to bring in any gold, silver, diamond, watches or other items to sell. Curious about the gold buying process? You can read all about both our pricing method as well as the journey your gold bracelet will take once we purchase it.  It’s a great way to understand the fascinating world of buying, selling and enjoying jewelry!


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