Here Comes the Bride — “With this ring I thee wed” 

So how did he do it? Over dinner? In the park or at the top of the Empire State Building? Did he kneel down? Were you surprised? Hopefully it was romantic or silly or breathtaking and now you’re engaged to your true love and looking forward to starting your lives together. The task of finding the perfect engagement ring is not always an easy task. We have a vast selection of engagement rings, wedding rings, gemstones, diamonds and more. We’ll help you find the perfect ring for your engagement and wedding.

When it comes to engagement rings and wedding bands, our wedding experts will make your wedding  jewelry the sparkling proof of the love that you share. Come in and our professional (and shamelessly romantic) staff will help you choose rings that will please you now and on your 50th anniversary. Would you like a one-of-a-kind expression of your future? The Gold Rush Exchange can assist you in designing a custom ring set that will always remind you of the uniqueness of your love. And because you’ll share this amazing and beautiful experience with friends and family we carry exquisite pieces that will say that you could not have come this far without them. Whether it’s sterling bracelets for your bridesmaids, earrings for your mothers or cufflinks for your groomsmen, all locations carry everything you need to express your love and gratitude.


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